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Devil May Cry 2: Weapons


Rebellion- Dante's default sword and the most balanced of the swords in terms of reach, speed, and power. This sword is not very powerful at low levels, but it is more than enough to get you through the first part of the game.

Vendetta- Another one of Dante's swords. This is Dante's most powerful sword, but it also has the shortest reach and the slowest movement. A must have for bosses. This sword is found in mission 7 in the oil derrick.

Merciless- The last sword that Dante can find. This one has a slightly longer reach than any of the other swords. Found in mission 11 above the ceiling spikes, or in mission 14 near where Dante jumped that gap on his motorcycle.

Cutlaseer- Lucia's default weapons. These blades have a short reach which means that you'll have to get up close and personal when using them.

Klyamores- These blades have a longer reach than Lucia's default weapon. They also seem to be a little more powerful. Once you get these, you shouldn't need to use the Cut's again. You can find these in mission 3, in the same room that Dante first fought Orrenguerra.

Zambak- The most powerful blades that Lucia can find. These blades are strong but slower than her other blades. Still, they are a must have. You can find these in mission 10 near where Dante jumped over the broken road with his motorcycle.


(note that all of the firearms have unlimited ammo, just like in the first game.)

Ebony & Ivory- Dante's trusted firearms make a return and they seem to have been improved since his last adventure. Dante can now shoot multiple targets at once with the guns. While DTed, these pistols become automatic. All you have to do is hold down square, and the guns will fire at lightning speed.
This is Dante's default weapon

Sub-machineguns- Dual sub-machineguns that Dante can use just like Ebony & Ivory. Very useful because of their incredibly fast rate of fire. You can pick enemies apart in seconds with these guns. Very useful against the final bosses. There is a small amount of recoil when you stop firing. These guns
are found in mission 11 but if you miss them, you can pick them up again in mission 17.

Shotgun- Just like the shotgun from the first game, this gun packs a punch. It does however have a slower recoil than most of the weapons, so if you prefer speed and maneuverability, stick to the subs. If you have your dodging and timing down right however, this weapon can become very deadly in your hands. The Shotgun is found in mission 5.

Rocket Launcher- The most powerful weapon Dante can find, and therefore the slowest and heaviest one too. This gun has a terrible recoil, and you cannot fire this from the air. This gun is a must have for some of the bosses in the game because of its sheer power. The Rocket launcher is found in Mission 9. If you miss it, you can pick it up again in Mission 14

Throwing knives- Lucia's default weapons. These knives are more powerful than the handguns, and they work very well when Lucia needs to perform a long range attack.

Darts- These are less powerful than the knives, but Lucia is able to throw out multiple darts at a time. Leveling up causes Lucia to throw more knives and increases the speed in which she throws them. At higher levels, these are very useful when fighting multiple enemies at once or flying enemies. They
can be found in mission two inside one of the breakable statues.

Cranky Bombs- These bombs can be set down or thrown depending upon how hard you are holding down the left analog stick when you throw them. These only come in handy if you are fighting a large group of enemies in an enclosed room, like the Bloody Palace. Other wise these things are too unpredictable to be practical. These can be found in mission 5 inside a box in the plane.

Bow gun- This gun can only be used underwater. It fires a quick burst of bolts at the enemy. This gun isn't that powerful, but it’s the only choice you have when underwater. You can find this in mission 6. provided the content on this page.

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