"Dante is a devil hunter who owns a shop. Its walls display the devils he destroyed as a show of his skill at these special jobs."

Devil May Cry - Plot

The story has a backdrop of a great war between demons and humans about two millenniums ago, when humans almost lost. However, the legendary demon Dark Knight Sparda sided with the humans and sealed the demon king Mundus along with the rest of the demon world with a spell. Now, Mundus wishes to gain passage to the human world again. Dante is a devil hunter who owns a shop. Its walls display the devils he destroyed as a show of his skill at these special jobs. The plot begins with Devil May Cry 4 special edition, story of Vergil. He wishes get information about his father in the Fortuna City.

In Devil May Cry 3, Arkham brings a message to Dante at his shop presumably from Vergil. Dante takes the tower to be a challenge from Vergil and after a few battles reaches the summit. The brothers fight with each other. Lady/Mary stops them and they realize they were being manipulated by Arkham. Vergil goes deep into the demon world and Lady names the shop Devil May Cry to comfort Dante for the loss of his brother Vergil.

In Devil May Cry, Dante is attacked by a mysterious young woman Trish, who apparently wanted to test Dante’s potential and confirm he was in fact Sparda’s descendant. She wants Dante to help her prevent Mundus’s return to human world. Dante accepts the mission because she resembles his mother who was killed by the demons. They go to Mallet Island where Mundus is set to return. And the game begins. He encounters different demons at various levels, collecting rewards and weapons along the way. Nelo Angelo proves to be his nemesis but Nelo Angelo spares Dante’s life when he sees Dante’s locket with a picture of his mother. It is later revealed that Nelo Angelo is actually Vergil, Dante’s twin. Vergil was forced by Mundus to work for him when he went to the demon world. Dante releases him from Mundus’s control and himself goes to the demon world in search of Mundus. Dante defeats Mundus with the help of Trish.

Dante meets several other adversaries in various games. Nero is another prominent figure who also has Sparda’s blood. Nero attempts to capture Dante as he is misled by the Order of the Sword that he belongs to. As the misconception gets cleared, Dante saves Nero and together they finish off the leader of the Order, Sanctus. In a later game, Dante is trapped in the demon world. And the story moves to another plane.


  • Dante

    The video game series centers around the main character Dante. Though he remains the lead character, there are other special characters in each version.

  • Gameplay

    Devil May Cry, the video game series was first released in August 2001. Subsequently, many more versions were introduced.